Smartwatch Fitness: Best Apps for Cross-Training Workouts

Cross-Training Champions: Smartwatch Apps to Elevate Your Routine

Cross-training and Crossfit HIIT keeps your fitness journey exciting and challenges your body in diverse ways. But keeping track of progress across different activities can get tricky. Luckily, smartwatch apps are here to be your pocket-sized training companions! The best apps for cross-training workouts will help you achieve your goals for both cross-training and Crossfit workouts.

best apps for cross-training workouts

Let’s explore the best apps for cross-training workouts:

Nike Training Club (NTC)

best apps for cross-training workouts

Unleash your inner athlete with NTC’s vast library of free workouts led by expert trainers. Find the perfect challenge for any fitness level, from yoga flows to HIIT blasts, all guided by clear audio instructions on your smartwatch. While some premium features require a subscription, the free options are plentiful, making NTC a budget-friendly powerhouse.

Nike Training Club smartwatch app


      • Pros: Free, massive library of workouts (yoga, HIIT, strength training, etc.), guided audio instructions, Apple Watch and Wear OS compatibility.

      • Cons: Limited customization, some workouts require premium membership.


    best apps for cross-training workouts

    Become your own gym guru with JEFIT’s comprehensive exercise database and workout tracking tools. Craft custom routines, log your weightlifting sessions in detail, and track your progress like a pro. The free version offers a taste of JEFIT’s power, but a subscription unlocks the full potential for ultimate training customization.

    JEFIT smartwatch app


        • Pros: Extensive exercise database, workout creation and logging, weightlifting tracking features, Apple Watch and Wear OS compatibility.

        • Cons: Free version has limited features, requires subscription for full access.


      image 28

      Push your limits on the road, trail, or pool with Strava, your go-to companion for endurance activities. Track your runs, rides, swims, and more, analyze your performance with detailed metrics, and challenge yourself with virtual segments and social features. Remember, while Strava shines for cardio, strength training options are limited.

      Strava smartwatch app


          • Pros: Tracks running, cycling, swimming, and more, detailed performance analysis, social features to connect with friends, Apple Watch and Wear OS compatibility.

          • Cons: Primarily focused on endurance activities, limited strength training features.


        image 29

        Train like an AI-powered athlete with Freeletics’ personalized coaching. This app adapts workouts to your fitness level, offering bodyweight and gym exercises for a well-rounded approach. While the free version provides a starting point, unlocking the full potential requires a subscription.

        Freeletics smartwatch app


            • Pros: Personalized AI coaching, adaptive workouts based on your fitness level, bodyweight and gym exercise options, Apple Watch and Wear OS compatibility.

            • Cons: Requires subscription for full access, limited free workouts.

          Gymshark Training

          best apps for cross-training workouts

          Short on time? Gymshark Training delivers quick and effective workouts perfectly suited for busy schedules. Ideal for beginners, the app offers beginner-friendly routines that pack a punch in minimal time. However, the workout variety is limited, and customization options are non-existent.

          Gymshark Training smartwatch app


              • Pros: Free, quick and effective workouts designed for busy schedules, beginner-friendly, Apple Watch and Wear OS compatibility.

              • Cons: Limited workout variety, no exercise customization options.

            StrongLifts 5×5

            best apps for cross-training workouts

            Get back to basics with StrongLifts 5×5, a simple and effective strength training program. This app automatically tracks your progress and guides you through the proven 5×5 workout, but its focus on one specific program may lack the variety sought by some cross-trainers.

            StrongLifts 5×5 smartwatch app


                • Pros: Simple and effective strength training program, tracks progress automatically, Apple Watch and Wear OS compatibility.

                • Cons: Limited to one specific program, no guidance beyond basic exercises.

              Best Apps for Cross-Training Workouts – Smartwatch App Comparison Chart

              Feature Nike Training Club JEFIT Strava Freeletics Gymshark Training StrongLifts 5×5
              Price Free (limited features), premium subscription Free (limited features), premium subscription Free, premium subscription Free (limited features), premium subscription Free Free
              Activities Various (yoga, HIIT, strength training, etc.) Primarily weightlifting, some bodyweight exercises Running, cycling, swimming, hiking, etc. Various (bodyweight & gym exercises) Various (mostly bodyweight) Weightlifting (specific program)
              Workout Customization Limited Extensive Limited Personalized based on AI coaching Basic None
              Data Tracking Basic metrics (reps, sets, time) Detailed weightlifting metrics, progress tracking Extensive performance data (distance, pace, elevation, etc.) Performance data & progress tracking Basic workout completion tracking Reps, sets, weight
              Guided Workouts Yes, with audio instructions No No Yes, with personalized coaching Yes, with video demonstrations No
              Social Features Limited No Extensive challenges and segments Limited No No
              Watch Comp Apple Watch, Wear OS Apple Watch, Wear OS Apple Watch, Wear OS Apple Watch, Wear OS Apple Watch, Wear OS Apple Watch, Wear OS
              Best for Beginners & general fitness Weightlifters & gym enthusiasts Endurance athletes & runners Personalized AI-powered training Quick & effective beginner workouts Simple & effective weightlifting program

              Additional Notes:


                  • Nike Training Club offers a vast library of workouts, but customization options are limited in the free version.

                  • JEFIT excels in weightlifting tracking and exercise database, but lacks social features and guided workouts.

                  • Strava focuses on endurance activities and offers detailed performance data, but strength training options are minimal.

                  • Freeletics provides personalized training based on AI coaching, but requires a subscription for full access.

                  • Gymshark Training offers quick and effective workouts, but workout variety and customization are limited.

                  • StrongLifts 5×5 focuses on a specific weightlifting program, making it ideal for beginners but lacking variety for broader cross-training.

                Remember: The best apps for cross-training workouts depends on your individual needs and preferences. Consider factors like your fitness level, training goals, budget, and smartwatch compatibility before making your choice. Happy cross-training!

                Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) About Best Smartwatch Apps for Cross-Training Workouts:

                1. What are the benefits of using a smartwatch app for cross-training?


                    • Track your workouts: Monitor reps, sets, distance, pace, heart rate, and more, gaining valuable insights into your performance.

                    • Stay motivated: Find pre-built workouts, join challenges, and connect with friends for added motivation and accountability.

                    • Personalize your training: Many apps offer custom workouts based on your fitness level, goals, and available equipment.

                    • Streamline your experience: Control music, check notifications, and access workout data directly on your wrist.

                  2. What features should I look for in a cross-training app?


                      • Exercise variety: Does the app cater to different activities like running, swimming, weightlifting, and yoga?

                      • Customization options: Can you create personalized workouts or adjust existing ones to suit your needs?

                      • Data tracking: Does it track key metrics like reps, sets, distance, pace, and heart rate?

                      • Smartwatch compatibility: Ensure the app works seamlessly with your specific smartwatch model.

                      • Price: Are there free options or subscription models, and what features do each offer?

                    3. Do I need a paid subscription to use a good cross-training app?


                        • Many apps offer free versions with basic features, while others require subscriptions for advanced functionality like personalized plans or detailed data analysis.

                        • Consider your budget and desired features to determine if a paid subscription is worthwhile.

                      4. Which app is best for beginners?


                          • Apps like JEFIT and Gymshark Training offer clear instructions and beginner-friendly routines.

                          • Consider apps with guided workouts or video demonstrations for better learning.

                        5. Which app is best for weightlifting?


                            • JEFIT excels in workout creation and weightlifting tracking, while StrongLifts 5×5 focuses on a proven strength training program.

                            • Choose an app based on your desired level of customization and program structure.

                          6. Are there any cross-training apps specifically for women?


                              • Some apps like Fitbod or PEAR offer personalized plans tailored to women’s fitness goals.

                              • Many general cross-training apps are suitable for all genders, so prioritize features over gender-specific options.

                            7. Can I connect my smartwatch app to other fitness trackers or apps?


                                • Certain apps like Strava and Freeletics integrate with other platforms like MyFitnessPal for holistic data analysis.

                                • Check individual app features for specific integration options.

                              8. How do I get started with a cross-training app?


                                  • Download the app, create an account (if needed), explore the features, and set up your profile.

                                  • Choose a workout based on your fitness level and goals, and start tracking your progress!

                                Remember: Experiment with different apps to find the perfect fit for your individual needs and preferences. Enjoy your cross-training journey!

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