15 Best Business Smartwatch Apps: The Ultimate Business Guide

Juggling a packed schedule, staying on top of emails, and navigating the urban jungle – it’s enough to make any business professional wear a furrowed brow. But what if your wrist could be your secret weapon? Enter the 15 best business smartwatch apps, designed to hack your productivity, streamline communication, and keep you zen amidst the daily hustle. From managing emails on the fly to conquering travel chaos and prioritizing your well-being, these pocket-sized powerhouses are ready to transform your smartwatch into a business-boosting command center. Buckle up, busy bees – it’s time to unlock the full potential of your timepiece and conquer your workday, one notification at a time.

Here is a list of 15 Best Business Smartwatch Apps:

For your consideration to help your productivity and make your business day more effective:

Communication & Productivity:

  • Spark (Gmail client): Manage emails with quick replies, compose, prioritize, and set reminders.
  • Microsoft Teams/Slack: Stay connected with colleagues, send quick messages, join calls.
  • Todoist/Microsoft To Do: Keep track of tasks, set deadlines, get reminders on your wrist.
  • Evernote/Google Keep: Capture notes, ideas, and to-dos on the go, sync with your phone.
  • Calendars (Google, Outlook): View upcoming appointments, set reminders, quickly glance at schedule.

Travel & Organization:

  • Citymapper/Google Maps: Navigate around unfamiliar cities, find public transportation options.
  • TripIt/LoungeBuddy: Stay organized with flight details, airport lounge access, and travel itinerary.
  • WorldTime/Currency Converter: Check time zones and convert currencies for international meetings.
  • Find My Phone/Tile: Locate your phone quickly if misplaced, even when silent.
  • ParKing: Remember where you parked with automatic location tracking and map navigation.

Health & Wellbeing:

  • Calm/Headspace: Practice mindfulness exercises, short meditations for stress relief during busy days.
  • Sleep Cycle/Pillow: Analyze sleep patterns, wake up gently with smart alarms.
  • WaterMinder/Plant Nanny: Stay hydrated with fun reminders to drink water throughout the day.
  • Lifesum/MyFitnessPal: Track your food intake, calories burned, and set fitness goals.
  • Cardiogram/Welltory: Monitor heart rate, stress levels, and get insights into your overall health.


  • Spotify/YouTube Music: Control music playback from your smartwatch without pulling out your phone.
  • Translator apps: Get quick translations on the go for international interactions.
  • Focus Keeper/Forest: Implement the Pomodoro Technique for timed productivity bursts.

Remember: Not all apps are available on all platforms (Wear OS, Apple Watch, etc.). Check compatibility before downloading. How to install apps on Smartwatch?

Explore beyond this list: Many specialized business apps exist for specific industries (finance, sales, etc.). Look for integrations with your existing tools and consider trying free trials before committing.


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